Department for Second-Instance Administrative Procedure, Administrative Courts and Claim Collection performs tasks related to preparation and adoption of decisions in second-instance administrative procedure in the field of taxes, customs, excises, contributions and fees upon appeals lodged by legal entities and natural persons and by providers; enforcement of administrative procedure on the basis of extraordinary legal remedies; preparation of responses to charges to the Administrative Court and complaints to the High Administrative Court; completion of cases related to registered administrative disputes against decisions reached in second-instance administrative procedure; cooperation with the Attorney General Office of the Republic of North Macedonia, cooperation when preparing draft laws and international agreements in the field of taxes and customs, as well as when preparing rulebooks, guidelines and other by-laws for the purpose of single acting in the tax and customs polices, monitoring and realization of foreign assistance generating Counterpart Funds as a whole and by users, preparation of reports for the operations of the Counterpart Funds and Indicative Plans – multi-year and one-year ones for engaging funds from the Counterpart Funds; carrying out technical and analytical processing of data on the status of claims collection, regulation and monitoring of the funds management: participation in the preparation of proposals for adopting legal regulations for property management, as well as when preparing by-laws and other regulations, carrying out other works related to the second-instance administrative procedure and claim collection;

Contact persons:


Head of Department


Assistant to the Head of Department
Milica Nedelkovska Srbinoska
office: ++389 2 3255 418



Unit for Second-Instance Administrative Procedure in the Area of Central Taxes
Andrej Angelovski
office: ++389 2 3255 446

Unit for Second-Instance Administrative Procedure in the Area of Customs
Filip Grizo
office: ++389 2 3255 452

Unit for Second-Instance Administrative Procedure in the Area of Local Taxes
Maja Trpkovska
office: ++389 2 3255 458

Unit for Foreign Assistance and Receivables Collection Unit
Elena Petrovska
office: ++389 2 3255 473

Asset Management Department
Venko Pipidzanoski
office: ++389 2 3255 477


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