The primary scope of operations of the Financial System Department is drafting regulation concerning the banking system and the non-banking financial institutions, capital markets, insurance system, accounting system, audit and payment operations, games of chance and entertainment games, the issuance of licences, permits and decisions for the organizers of the games of chance and entertainment games, issuance of permits and consents for the financial companies and the financial leasing companies, as well as opinions, analyses and informations in the financial system area.


Contact persons:

Head of Department
Lence Tagasovska
office: ++389 2 3255 350;



Unit for Banking and Non-Banking Institutions  
Ivan Nedev
office: ++389 2 3255 354

Capital Market Unit
Anica Vasovic
office: ++389 2 3255 354

Unit for Accounting System, Payment Operations and Audit
Aleksandra Dimovska
office: ++389 2 3255 357

Unit for Games of Chance and Entertainment Games 
Olivera Savinova Stojanova
office: ++389 2 3255 365

Insurance System Unit
Viktorija Mitevska
office: ++389 2 3255 750



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