8th August 2022, Skopje – Basis of the Tax Reform Concept is the tax base expansion through green taxation and multiple amendments to profit tax, personal income tax and VAT. They will be previously discussed and debated with all social actors. Introduction of progressive taxation will be decided via public debate. In addition, intensive activities will be undertaken, aimed at reducing the grey economy, as well as improving the services in the public sector. These were briefly the messages conveyed by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, when meeting the journalists on the occasion of launching the public discussion on tax reforms.

Tax reform concept is based upon Tax Reform Strategy. It is a matter of long-term, planned and well-analysed process, i.e. part of the major fiscal reform, pertaining to SMART public finance.

Improved revenue collection will provide for more funds intended for development projects in the medium term, while on the short run, more funds will be available for anti-crisis measures, as well as for economic recovery.

Answering to a journalist’s question, Minister pointed out that the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia intensively works on the new set of anti-crisis measures, which will be presented to the public.

He also stressed that the concept of tax policy reforms in the field of ​​profit tax and personal income tax pertains to revising the preferential tax treatments, disrupting the neutrality of the tax system by favoring certain categories of taxpayers or activities. This adversely affects the fairness thereof, thus contributing to increased equality in the society.

As for VAT, it is necessary to further strengthen the basic principles of neutrality and competitiveness, by narrowing the list of goods and services, to which a preferential rate is applied, as well as taxation of certain turnover. It was underlined that it is necessary to thoroughly clarify the rights and obligations of taxpayers as regards their right to tax credit deduction, which will provide for greater legal certainty thereof, greater efficiency in carrying out the control and collecting the tax revenues by the tax administration.

Tax reforms will also provide for accomplishing certain systemic goals, such as implementation of the “green agenda”, as well as coping with the climate changes.

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