1st February 2023, Skopje – Solidarity tax, which is conceived as a one-off tax, applying only to the largest companies, has primarily a solidarity effect, thus demonstrating the social responsibility of each of us, all those involved in the politics or the business community. It is our responsibility to deal with the crisis now, so as future generations would not have to bear the burden thereof.

This was underlined by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi in his statement for Bloomberg Adria, when discussing the tax reform and the expectations as regards the economic growth.

“Solidarity tax, as indicated under the latest proposal, i.e. as actually named under the EU Directive itself, is not part of the respective tax reform. Its purpose is not to increase the Budget expenditures, but to rather reduce the budget deficit and the public debt, whereby the additional budget funds will be precisely aimed at coping with the crisis. Thus, we will be able to deal with today’s challenges, so as not to pass on the burden thereof to the future generations. This Law is aimed thereat, being a one-time solution amid exceptional circumstances such as the ongoing crisis, as recommended by the EU,” Besimi pointed out.

Minister also stated that this is line with the Constitution, with the social responsibility being one of the provisions thereof, whereby it is a matter of a specific tax, wherefrom the respective funds will be geared towards the anti-crisis measures, as set under a separate Budget program.

“This will provide for determining the exact purpose of these funds. Moreover, given that the EU was ready to extend EUR 80 million as a grant, being more precisely cash funds from the EU citizens’ taxes, aimed at helping our country to cope with the crisis, than we should also demonstrate strong willpower in collecting additional funds, so as to be able to finance the crisis management. Otherwise, we will be forced to borrow funds in times when the interest rates on the financial markets are too high, which costs will be paid not only by the  present but also by the future generations. This is a responsibility of the present generations, being a duty not only for the Government, but also all politicians and the business community. We should respond to the ongoing circumstances today so as not to pass on the burden to the future generations”, Minister Besimi said.

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