18th December 2020, Skopje – Our main goal, in the medium run, is to intensify the economic growth from 2%-2.5% in the last decade to 4%-5% average annual growth in the next five years. We will attain this through the Strategy for Economic Recovery and Accelerated Growth – SmartER Growth, 2021 Budget being its integral part, Minister of Finance, Famir Besimi, pointed out at the 4th International Conference “Towards Sustainable Growth”, hosted by Mother Theresa University.

 “What is most important now is to protect the citizens’ health, to support the private sector and to keep the jobs. These are the priorities set under the first pillar of the Strategy for Economic Recovery and Accelerated Growth – SmartER Growth. The second pillar of the Strategy – Intensified, inclusive and sustainable economic growth – focuses on good governance, macroeconomic and financial stability, local and equal regional development, healthy environment and digitalization of the economy. The third pillar focuses on boosting the competitiveness of the private sector, and the fourth one on investments in human capital, the Minister underlined, adding that policies and measures to be implemented under the Strategy will contribute to achieving faster and sustainable economic growth.

Aziz Polozani, Rector at the University, gave an opening address, talking about the need to strengthen human capital as a major factor to attaining sustainable growth.

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