25th November 2020, Skopje – For the purpose of supporting investments, competitiveness, small- and medium-sized enterprises, domestic tourism, as well as the overall economic development, budget funds higher by 4.5 percentage points have been provided in 2021 compared to the 2019 Budget, i.e. under the 2021 Budget, 24% of the expenditures have been intended for economic development, Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi said at the Commission’s Budget-related debate in the Parliament.

As regards 2021 Budget development component, Minister of Finance also pointed out that funds have been projected for capital projects, being by 20% higher in relation to the Supplementary Budget, adding that 5-year framework for the respective projects has been set for the first time, aimed at improving their realization.

– Next year’s Budget should provide for growth and developments prospects. Therefore, funds intended for capital investments, have been increased by 20% in relation to the Supplementary Budget. Mechanisms are also planned to be put in place, by which we believe the realization would be improved. The document itself includes a list of medium-term capital projects, such as highways, railway infrastructure, energy infrastructure, utility infrastructure, educational and health infrastructure – Minister of Finance said.

Regarding the economic growth and the current developments, with respect to the fourth set of measures, Minister pointed out that around 14,000 legal entities have been approved a financial support for wage payment for the month of October, covering around 58,000 jobs. It is a matter of EUR 15 million, being at the same time injecting in the business sector as well. 

Minister pointed out that the economic recovery and growth will be also encouraged through the Strategy for Economic Recovery and Growth, under which the growth rates will account for 4%-5% in the medium run, being twice higher compared to the average in the last ten years.

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