25th October 2020, Skopje – “Integrated Financial Management Information Management System Project that will provide for integrated monitoring of revenues and expenditures starting from their projections up to their full execution, as well as projects for local roads, innovation and competitiveness, sustainable development of municipalities, are the priority projects that should be realized within the 4-year Country Partnership Strategy between the Republic of North Macedonia and the World Bank” – was pointed out at the meeting between the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, Governor Anita Angelovska – Bezoska, and the teams from the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank, and Anna Bjerde, World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia , which was held under the IMF and WB Annual Meetings.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was also the Agreement, which will provide for realizing the Emergency COVID-19 Response Project, being signed this week. At the same time, Agriculture Modernization Project, was also discussed at the meeting, the implementation of which will provide for adopting the respective Law, which is under parliamentary procedure

Under the Annual Meeting, Minister also met Georgina Baker, Vice President of International Financial Corporation – member of the World Bank Group. In cooperation with IFC, several projects are currently being implemented, among which also the Western Balkan Manufacturing Value Chains Project as regards the production value chain. The Project will provide for setting up regional electronic platform that will connect the local SMEs with local and global companies, for which a platform is being developed. The Project will also include activities on upgrading and deepening the capacities of local companies.

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