29th October 2020, Skopje – The scope of the measure for financial support aimed at the vulnerable categories, such as pensioners and single parents, has been widened, also covering the children without parents. This support amounting to Denar 6,000 has been projected under the Supplementary Budget, Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi pointed out at the debate about the Supplementary Budget at a plenary session in the Parliament.

Besimi underlined that during the Commission’s debate, other amendments to the Supplementary Budget were also made, thus providing funds for projects such as water supply and water treatment plants in several populated areas.

– We amended the Supplementary Budget on the basis of the adopted amendments. We have provided funds for financial support aimed at children without parents. Funds have also been provided for mapping strategic industrial sectors in Ohrid region. We have provided funds for construction of one part of the third leg of the water supply system in Lipkovo Village and water supply in Mala Recica, as well as funds for completing the water treatment plants in Stip and Karbici, funds for the bridge restoration in Ulanci Village and additional funds for maintaining the archeological sites, as well as the Reserve Officers Organization – Besimi said.

Minister of Finance stressed that under the Supplementary Budget, funds have been provided for the fourth set of antic-crisis measures, thereby also pointing out that hundreds of thousands of citizens, as well as thousands of companies, waited for the Supplementary Budget adoption so as for the measures to be carried out.

– Realization of the fourth set of anti-crisis measures depends on the adoption of this Supplementary Budget. The Supplementary Budget provides for additional funds intended for implementation of the measures such as financial support to employers for payment of October, November and December 2020 wages, financial support for vulnerable categories affected by COVID-19 for payment of domestic products and services in the hit sectors, support for producers, manufacturers and exporters of grapes, bulk wine and bottled wine, support for tourist guides performing independent activity, tourist tax refund for 2019, VAT refund from the VAT-free weekend, state loan guarantee and customs bank guarantee through the Development Bank and grants for travel agencies, kids’ play areas and restaurants for weddings – Besimi said.

Under the Supplementary Budget, total revenues are projected in the amount of Denar 196.3 billion, being almost at the same level in relation to the projections, while total expenditures are projected in the amount of Denar 253 billion or by 5.5%, i.e. by around Denar 13 billion higher in relation to the initial 2020 Budget (before the COVID-19 crisis). The deficit, on the basis of such projected revenues and expenditures, is projected in the amount of Denar 56.6 billion.

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