Skopje, 20th August 2015 (MIA) – Today, the Government paid Denar 52 million as subsidies to support the agriculture and to indemnify the farmers for the damages suffered from the floods that took place this year.

As announced by the Ministry of Finance, Denar 39.5 million was paid as indemnity for flooded agricultural land in the municipalities of Bitola, Novaci and Mogila.

Denar 12.5 million was paid as subsidies to support cattle breeding and other agricultural branches. Denar 4.3, million out of that amount was paid for herds of beef cattle, Denar 2.4 million for existing fruit plantations, Denar 1.4 million for stocking fishing sites and zones with fish, Denar 1.1 million for investments, Denar 1 million for assistance to young farmers, Denar 0.9 million for goats, Denar 0.5 million for bees, Denar 0.5 million for technical assistance for fishing and Denar 0.3 million for breeding sows.

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