23rd October 2020, Skopje – Deputy Minister of Finance, Dimitar Kovacevski, was part of the Government Delegation on Friday which, at the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle – 23rd October, laid flowers on Goce Delcev Monument in Skopje City Park.

Today, we are marking 23rd October – the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, and we proudly remember the bravery and the sacrifice and dedication of the Macedonian revolutionaries. It is here before the monument of Goce Delcev, the apostle of the Macedonian Revolutionary Movement, that we bow to all fighters and celebrate their sacrifice, endurance and unbreakable will for freedom, justice and own state. Macedonian Revolutionary Organization forced itself as a driving force, organizing all progressive forces, regardless of the ideological provenance, Kovacevski said.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sedat Sulejmani, and National Coordinator of Military and Police Veterans, Stojance Angelov, were also part of the Government Delegation.

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