Moscow, 18th June 2012 (MIA) – In front of more than 90 representatives of Russian companies and businessmen, today in Moscow, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski presented the investments opportunities and the conditions for starting and doing business in Macedonia.

In his address, Gruevski, as the Government press-service announced, focused on the benefits in the field of tax policy, saying that Republic of Macedonia has offered the lowest tax package in Europe. He also presented the opportunities for the companies to decide to invest in technological development zones, in the first 10 years of the opening, to be exempted from paying personal income tax and profit tax.

– World-renowned Forbes and Price Waterhouse ranked Macedonia in the top few countries according to the conditions for doing business and low taxes. If you come in Macedonia, you will be convinced therein and a friendly-oriented Government will welcome you, with an understanding about the needs of businessmen, being always prepared to meet their interests and needs, Gruevski stressed.

In Macedonia, he said, a company may be opened in only few hours, which according to the estimates of the World Bank, makes us one of the best in the world, and procedures for construction of business facilities or other type of capacities have been significantly facilitated.

– Energy, tourism and agriculture are areas, in which joint interest could be shown through intensive cooperation between our two countries. As a result of our good policies in the past period, interest was shown by several companies from China, Qatar, India, etc., for investments in Macedonia. Several companies from the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Italy have already opened factories in our country or are in the process of constructing them, Prime Minister Gruevski said in front of the present Russian investors.

Sergey Katyrin, President of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the organizer of the event, praised the activities of Macedonian Government aimed at presenting Macedonian business benefits, saying that in the coming period, the Russian Chamber will encourage Russian businessmen to realize investments in Macedonia.

Deputy Minister for Regional Development and Vice President of the mixed Macedonian and Russian Intergovernmental Economic Commission, Maxim Travnikov, also addressed in the Forum, putting emphasized on energy in his speech.

– Russia has invested in the field of energy in Macedonia, such as the generative gas power station and companies purchasing machines and equipment for Macedonian energy enterprises, and the next step that needs to be make is to include Macedonia in the South Stream Project and to stat the construction of gas pipeline system in the Republic of Macedonia, for which we will continue our contacts and cooperation, Travnikov said.

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski also held speech in front of the representatives of the Russian business community. He pointed out to the benefits in the field of tourism, in particular within the tourism development zones, subsidies for tourist operators bringing tourists in Macedonia, as well as the possibilities for selling state-owned land at an initial price of one euro per square meter to the end of constructing tourist capacities.
Minister in charge of Attracting Foreign Investments Bil Pavleski, stressed, during his presentation, the investment opportunities in the car and pharmaceutical industry, also mentioning the possibilities for cooperation in the field of agriculture, in particular the potentials for export of Macedonian agricultural products to the Russian market.

On Tuesday, Macedonian Government delegation will attend a Business Forum in the city of Vladimir, where a meeting is scheduled with Vladimir Region Governor, Nikolai Vinogradov.

On Wednesday, Macedonian business conditions will be presented before businessmen in Nizhny Novgorod, where the Government delegation will hold a meeting with Nizhny Novgorod Region Governor Valery Shantsev.

On Thursday and Friday, the Government delegation will present the benefits for starting and doing business in St. Petersburg at a Business Forum, being organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Participation in the launching of the plenary session of the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg is also announced, being traditionally attended by renowned economic experts, analysts, businessmen and politicians.

In St. Petersburg, the Government team will also meet management teams of the following companies: "Gazprom”, being aimed at producing natural gas, “Stroytransgas”, which scope of work is distribution and management of natural gas and “Lukoil”, dealing with production and trade of oil and oil derivatives.

Prime Minister Gruevski will open Macedonia’s Honorary Consulate in St. Petersburg and meet Leningrad Region Governor Alexander Drozdenko.

Yesterday evening, Macedonian Government team, following the arrival in Moscow, had a meeting and working dinner with representatives of companies in the field of tourism, being potential investors in this area. Companies are owners of chains of tourist complexes in and outside the Russian Federation.

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