Property and Legal Affairs Office is a body within the Ministry of Finance, without legal personality.


Contact info

Dame Gruev 14, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

office: ++389 2 3106 242; fax: ++389 2 3106 362



Property and Legal Affairs Office comprises two departments from an organizational point of view.


Department for Normative Property and Legal Affairs and Torts deals with the property and legal relations (preparation and proposal of legal regulations and bylaws), where the state appears as one of the parties (expropriation, privatization of construction land).

Department for Normative Property and Legal Affairs and Torts provides opinions on ownership and other property and legal relations, which concern the Government and other government bodies and local government units, and keeps records on real estate which the government bodies ceased using it, as well as records for the needs of using real estate of government bodies pursuant to:

  • Law on Usage and Management of Assets Used and Managed by Government Bodies (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, no. 8/2005)


Contact persons:

Kosta Dojcinovski

office: ++389 2 3106 109; fax: ++389 2 3106 362

e-mail: kosta.dojcinovski<at>


Valentina Dimitrovska

office: ++389 2 3106 196; fax: ++389 2 3106-362

e-mail: valentina.dimitrovska<at>



Administrative Procedure Department performs tasks related to coordination of the duties and tasks of the regional administrative procedure offices for property and legal affairs, supervision over the application of regulations in administrative procedure, guidelines and instructions on equal application of regulations in the regional offices, as well as monitoring the operations of regional offices when carrying out first-instance procedure.


Following laws apply when carrying out first-instance procedures:

  • Law on Expropriation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, nos. 33/95, 20/98, 40/99, 31/03, 46/05, 10/08 and 106/08)

  • Law on Privatization and Lease of State-Owned Construction Land (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, nos. 4/2005, 13/2007 and 165/2008)

On the other hand, regional administrative procedure offices perform tasks pertaining to conducting first-instance administrative procedure in the field of expropriation and privatization of state-owned construction land.

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