Skopje, 4th May 2014 (MIA) – The Budget is in good condition. Revenues and expenditures are within the projections and for now, there is no need for Supplementary Budget.

This was pointed out by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski.

Budget is within the projected parameters. Payment of tobacco subsidies always entails higher Budget expenditures, however, there will be lower expenditures in the rest of the year, thus for the time being, the figures necessitate Supplementary Budget calculations. If there is a need in future, as every year, there will be Supplementary Budget, however, for the time being, the revenues and the expenditures are within the projections, Stavreski said.

He expects for both the revenues and expenditures to remain the same in the coming months, since, as he said, what is a good signal is that following the elections, we get back to the usual performance of functions and what is best for the private sector is having long-term predictability of the policies.

Now, the private sector has this, i.e. it is aware that Macedonia will continue to have the lowest taxes, high amount for investments from the Budget, all this creating good climate for the economic growth to be realized within the projections and accordingly for the Budget to remain within the projections, Stavreski said.

According to the announced data of the Ministry of Finance, Budget revenues in March 2014 amounted to Denar 11.226 million, while the Budget expenditures amounted to Denar 14.794 million.

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