2020 Supplementary Budget was adopted, thus providing additional funds for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and strengthening the health capacities for the purpose of dealing with the health crisis caused by COVID-19, as well as funds for implementation of the fourth set of measures, aimed at providing economic recovery. This will provide for sustainability of the national economic activities and the jobs recovery of certain activities, and conducting policies which will underpin the continuation of the positive trends in the Macedonian economy once the crisis is over.  Moreover, under the Supplementary Budget, more funds have been provided for the high-school and university students’ standard.

– We fight for saving every human life and preserve every job, on a daily basis  Under the Supplementary Budget, additional funds have been provided for rapid COVI-19 tests, as well as for the medical staff, being directly involved in the fight against Coronavirus. At the same time, under the Supplementary Budget, funds have been provided for implementation of the fourth set of measures, aimed at revitalizing the economy by providing support for jobs, investments and exports of companies, as well as the vulnerable categories of citizens, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi said. 

Funds provided under the Supplementary Budget, aimed at implementing the fourth set of measures, pertain to the following:  financial support to employers for payment of October, November and December 2020 wages, financial support for vulnerable categories affected by COVID-19 for payment of domestic products and services in the hit sectors, support for producers, manufacturers and exporters of grapes, bulk wine and bottled wine, state loan guarantee and customs bank guarantee through the Development Bank, grants for travel agencies, kids’ play areas and restaurants for weddings, support for tourist guides performing independent activity, tourist tax refund for 2019, VAT refund  from the VAT-free weekend.

Under the amendments to the Supplementary Budget, funds have been provided for financial support to children without parent, mapping of the strategic industrial sectors in Ohrid region, construction of one part of the third leg of the water supply system in Lipkovo Village and water supply in Mala Recica, and completion of the water treatment plants in Stip and Karbici.

This Supplementary Budget with a deficit at the level of the EU-27 average, will provide for coping with the effects of the most severe global economic crisis ever by far, being caused by COVID-19.

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