The Department for Public Sector Financial Inspection and Coordination for Combating Fraud against EU funds perform the activities related to the implementation of financial inspection in accordance with the Law on Financial Inspection in the Public Sector and protection of the financial interests of the European Union through coordination of administrative and operational activities related to the fight against fraud by EU funds and effective cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).


Contact persons:

Head of Department

Tatjana Trajkovska MS
office: 02/3255-482


[collapsed title=Одделенија]

Unit for financial inspection at entities at central and local level

Vesna Stojiljkovic
offce: 02/3255-509
Nikolina Aleksovska MS
office: 02/3255-342

EU Anti-Fraud Coordination Unit (AFCOS)
Divna Najdovska
office: 02/3255-469

Nina Madjovska MS
office: 02/3255-598


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