International Financial Relations Department performs activities related to: planning, implementing (technical preparation) and monitoring of IPA projects in the public finance management sub-sector, the beneficiary of which is the Ministry of Finance; preparing, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the Public Finance Management Reform Programme and the Annual Action Plans, as well as other strategic documents related to the use of IPA funds in the public finance management sub-sector; coordinating the preparation and monitoring the status of implementation of measures and activities under the National Programme for Adoption of the Acquis Communautaire (NPAA), with the Ministry of Finance being in charge thereof, as well as activities related to the fulfillment of the obligations under the European integration process; preparing and co-chairing the Subcommittee on Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics (ECFIN) and coordinating the Economic and Financial Dialogue between the EU and the Western Balkans and Türkiye related to the Economic Reform Programme (ERP); performing activities related to cooperation with international, bilateral and European financial institutions and the European Union (EU), i.e. communication and coordination with these institutions as regards the activities necessary for preparation and implementation of projects financed with foreign loans and grants/donations, preparing and arranging all phases of the procedure for signing Loan Agreements and Guarantee Agreements, monitoring the status of the concluded Loan Agreements, Guarantee Agreements, as well as Investment Grant Agreements under the Economic Investment Plan for the Western Balkans through the Investment Framework for the Western Balkans or the national IPA programming, intended for co-financing of individual projects, proposing activities and measures to overcome the problems that occur during the preparation and implementation of projects financed with foreign loans and grants/donations, as well as preparing projections for withdrawal of loan proceeds extended by the multilateral financial institutions intended for financing individual projects and budget support.

Key contacts

Assistants Head of Department for EU and International Financial Relations

Andrija Aleksoski
office: ++389 2 3255 412,

Kristina Pavlovska
office: ++389 2 3255 413,


 IPA and NPAA Unit

Tanja Koleva, advisor
office: ++389 2 3255 417,

Elena Veljanoska, senior associate
office: ++389 2 3255 414,


Foreign Aid and Reform Coordination Unit

Azem Haxhiu, senior associate
office: ++389 2 3255 353,


Multilateral Financial Cooperation Unit

Dragana Filipovska, head of Unit
office: ++389 2 3255 419,

Аna Dimitrievska, advisor
office: ++389 2 3255 421,

Ivana Stojkoska, advisor
office: ++389 2 3255 444,

Jasemin Hajro, associate
office: ++389 2 3255 422,


Bilateral and European Financial Cooperation Unit

Lenche Bozhinoska, head of Unit
office: ++389 2 3255 420,

Elena Ljubikj, advisor
office: ++389 2 3255 459,





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