Macroeconomic Policy Department drafts and monitors the conduction of macroeconomic policy, actively participates in the analyses of Macedonian economy, prepares comparative analyses in terms of which it also prepares monthly and quarterly reports and development documents, such as the Pre-Accession Economic Programme.

The Department prepares short- and medium-term projections on the main macroeconomic indicators (GDP, inflation, employment, wages, etc.), which are used as input when planning government policies within the competence of the Ministry of Finance. Department also prepares analyses for the effects of the proposed macroeconomic policies over the economic and social trends in the country; prepares comparative analyses for the developments and trends in Macedonian economy and the neigbouring countries, EU countries and broader; prepares opinions about laws and other acts and documents proposed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for adoption, and consolidates the materials from the other Departments in the Ministry of Finance when preparing documents for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and proposes economic and social measures and policies.

The scope of activities of the Department also includes monitoring of international reports and preparation of comparative analyses of the developments, among other analysis of the business environment and proposing of measures for its continuous improvement with special emphasis on the World Bank’s Doing Business Report.

Department is also responsible for preparing the Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance in Macedonian and English, short-term economic trends – monthly reports and quarterly economic report.

Contact persons

Head of Department
Jordan Trajkovski
office: ++389 2 3255 589

Assistant to the Head of Department
Vesna Cvetanova
office: ++389 2 3255 590

Assistant to the Head of Macroeconomic Policy Department for Real and External Sector Analysis
Gjoko Gjorgjeski
office: ++389 2 3255 599


Unit for Analysis of the Real and Financial Sector
Sanja Kikovska-Georgievska
office: ++389 2 3255 593

Unit for Coordination of Economic Policies and Reforms
Bojana Ilievska
office: ++389 2 3255 598

Macroeconomic Models and Projections Unit
Nedzati Kurtisi
office: ++389 2 3255 595

Also available in: Macedonian Albanian

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