Strategic Planning Unit performs tasks and duties referring to the following: activities related to the process of medium-term planning of polices and activities of the Ministry and its bodies and their harmonisation with amounts determined in the Budget in line with the Manual on Preparation of Strategic Plan, Methodology on Strategic Planning and Preparation of Annual Operational Programme of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia by: defining, monitoring and reviewing the mission and the vision of the Ministry in line with the trends and results of the reform processes; determining, defining and updating medium-term priorities and goals of the Ministry, in line with the goals and priorities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia; analyzing the existing internal and external trends in the areas under the competence of the Ministry; preparing PEST and SWOT analyses; defining programmes, sub-programmes and projects for achieving projected medium-term goals; formulating strategies for each defined programme; defining measures, activities and identifying potential risks for each programme; determining and harmonising the fiscal implications for each programme with the budget funds so as to realize the defined programmes; preparing plan for implementation of the programs and projects for achieving the goals and priorities; identifying and defining performance indicators and defining mechanisms for monitoring the implementation; monitoring and evaluating the achievements; preparing opinions, information, annual and quarterly reports on the performance and the achievements of the strategic plans; cooperating with institutions, other state administration bodies and interested parties as regards preparation of horizontal programmes, coordinating department’s activities when preparing programmes and projects with the budget analysts, Human Management Resource Unit, Budget and Funds Department and Legal and Administrative Affairs Department for; revising draft strategic plan in line with the adopted budget for the current fiscal year; preparing shortened version of adopted strategic plan of the Ministry and its preparation to be published on the website of the Ministry; preparing draft-initiatives for annual operational programme of the Government as regards issues under the competence of the Ministry and performing other tasks under the competence of the Ministry and its bodies.


Stanika Filipova, Head of Department
office: ++389 2 3255 555

Jasmina Petreska, Adviser
office: ++389 2 3255 655

Elmedine Durguti, Junior Associate
office: ++389 2 3255 352

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