Treasury Department manages the treasury single account and the other accounts of the state, performs activities stipulated by law, among which the more significant are the following:

  • keeps register of budget users;
  • opens accounts within the treasury single account;
  • prepares projections on liquidity of the treasury single account;
  • receives, processes and records requests of the budget users for Denar and foreign currency payments;
  • monitors the collection of public revenues in the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia and their distribution by budget user;
  • monitors the collection of revenues for the local government units and their distribution by budget user pursuant to the stipulated criteria;
  • keeps budget accounting;
  • records budget revenues and expenditures according to the set chart of accounts.

Contact persons

Head of Department

Bari Iseni
office: +389 2 3255 581

Assistants to the Head of Department

Julijana Petanovska
office: +389 2 3255 559

Vlado Delevski
office: +389 2 3255 566

Dusko Tasev
office: +389 2 3255 654

[collapsed title=Units]

Unit for Keeping Registry of Budget Users
Predrag Vasojevic
office: +389 2 3255 563

Unit for Liquidity Projections and Management
Vlado Delevski
office: +389 2 3255 566

Budget Execution Unit
Sanja Dorevska Ristovska
office: + 389 2 3255 569

Unit for Monitoring Public Revenue Collection
Ivana Kocovska
office: +389 2 3255 608

Budget Accounting Unit
Edmir Kamberi
office: +389 2 3255 770

Unit for Fiscal Statistics and Analysis
Viktorija Hristovska Dimovska
office: +389 2 3255 742

Unit for Regional Treasury Operations
Skopje Treasury Office
Nada Sutinovska
office: +389 2 3230 034


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