Public Debt Management Department


Public Debt Management Department performs tasks and duties related to managing the existing debt portfolio; favourable terms and conditions for financing the borrowing needs; borrowing on domestic and international markets through negotiations and concluding loan agreements and issuing guarantees related to projects of international financial institutions; processing and settlement of transactions, as well as administrative functions; key function related to debt portfolio management; activities and measures for timely servicing liabilities related to public debt, settled from the State Budget account, organizational code – functions of the State; instructing the Treasury Department as regards timely execution of payments related to domestic debt or guarantees; developing public debt management policy and strategy, taking into account the related risks and the costs; monitoring the target performance in relation to the portfolio strategy and risk management; as well as other tasks and duties related to public debt management.


Contact persons:


Public Debt Management State Adviser

Dejan Nikolovski

Office: ++389 2 3255 411,



Assistants to the Head of Department

Sanja Manasijevich Mancheva

Office: ++389 2 3255 430,



Renata Davitkova Pancheva

Office: ++389 2 3255 426,



Front Office


Zagorka Jovanovska, Head of Unit

Office: ++389 2 3255 777,



Milena Stoilevska

Office: ++389 2 3255 612,



Lea Matevska

Office: ++389 2 3255 376,



Back Office


Miodrag Bogdanovik, Head of Unit

Office: ++389 2 3255 427,



Tanja Bobolinska

Office: ++389 2 3255 639,



Sonja Stevanovikj

Office: ++389 2 3255 429,



Sara Mladenovska

Office: ++389 2 3255 596,



Unit for Borrowing Consents for Public Debt Issuers


Biljana Markovikj, Head of Unit

Office: ++389 2 3255 423,



Martin Apostolоski

Office: ++389 2 3255 463,



Biserka Karanfilova

Office: ++389 2 3255 622,



Viktor Cvetikj

Office: ++389 2 3255 528,




Middle Office


Resmije Aljiu

Office: ++389 2 3255 433,


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