Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is founder of 14 public enterprises and single shareholder/shareholder in 15 companies, 13 out of which are state-owned joint stock companies, and 2 are state-owned Single-Member Limited Liability Companies.

In order to increase the  transparency in the operations of public enterprises and state-owned companies, the existing legal regulations govern the operations of these entities (primarily the Law on Public Enterprises and the Companty  Law), as well as their statutes or statements, these entities are obliged to submit to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, quarterly reports on the financial operations in the respective quarter, as well as to publish them on their websites.

In that regard, the Ministry of Finance publishes a unified table containing data on the financial operations (revenues and expenditures) of the above-mentioned 29 entities, on a quarterly basis.

Financial data - 2022 Financial data - 2021 Financial data - 2020


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