ERP 2024-2026 EN

The Economic Reform Programme (ERP) is the most important strategic document in the economic dialogue with the European Commission and the EU member states. This document is prepared every year, and is a preparation for participation in the process of economic and fiscal supervision of the EU member states, i.e. for the inclusion in the European semester for coordination of economic policies in the EU.

The Programme contains a medium-term framework of the macroeconomic and fiscal policy, as well as a detailed overview of structural reforms which should contribute to increasing the economy competitiveness and job creation. The Programme in the part of structural reforms will be the basis for the preparation of the reform agenda for the country, in accordance with the Growth Plan for the countries of the Western Balkans announced by the EU, with the aim of accelerated integration of the countries into the EU single market.

The preparation of this document at a government level is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, and is a result of intensive intersectoral cooperation. Following its submission to the EC, the Programme is being discussed with EU officials in April and May, as part of the EU Council’s economic and financial dialogue. The dialogue ends with the adoption of joint conclusions with country recommendations, which should be taken into account when preparing the next ERP.

The Economic Reform Programme 2024-2026 is adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia on 16th of January 2024, and is officially submitted to the EU on 17th January 2024. You can read more about ERP here.


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