23rd March 2021, Skopje – Public Finance Academy will be established within the Ministry of Finance. This was announced today at the occasion of promoting the “Strengthening Budget Planning, Execution and Internal Control Functions” Project, funded by the European Union, and supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.

The Project, as Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, said is aimed at strengthening public finance management and geared towards increased budget transparency, strengthening the internal financial control system, enhancing the efficiency of the public procurement system and improving the system for protection of the EU’s financial interests.

“This once, as regards the process of implementing the public finance management reforms, by applying the best European practice, we will take a step forward by establishing Public Finance Academy within the Ministry of Finance. The Academy will provide for continuous education of the public administration in the field of public finance management, all to the end of creating a modern and professional administration to render quality services in a fast manner to the citizens and the business entities”, Besimi underlined.

According to the EU Ambassador David Geer, efficient and transparent public finance system is a prerequisite for economic growth of each country. Such system provides for reducing the risks of fraud and corruption, restoring the public confidence that public funds are spent in the interest of the citizens.

– That is why public sector reforms are the key pillar in the EU accession process. Chapter 32: Financial Control, together with chapters on justice and home affairs are usually among the first to be opened during EU accession negotiations. Reforming the public finance management is a process packed with challenges requiring constant political commitment, making hard decisions and strong coordination among the key institutions in the respective sector, including the international financial institutions and the civil society, said the EU Ambassador at today’s presenting of the results arising from the EU support.

Continuous training of the personnel at the budget users at both central and local level and the new Public Finance Academy, as Geer said, will contribute to building a transparent public procurement system. However, further efforts are needed so as to build fiscal transparency and public trust in the institutions.

Ambassador of the Netherlands, Dirk Jan Kop, pointed out that sound public finance management systems are a vital ingredient of good governance and an essential tool in the fight against corruption.

– The Netherlands wants stability and prosperity on the Balkans. That is why we want North Macedonia as an equal, trustworthy and reliable partner in NATO and the European Union. The difficult change of mentality and the arduous implementation of reforms all require a strong political commitment and reform-oriented leaders. The Netherlands and North Macedonia have a long-lasting partnership. Today’s event illustrates that we continue to attach great importance to the efforts to enhance fiscal discipline and more effective public services. This project will generate widespread and long-lasting benefits for all the citizens of North Macedonia, said Dutch Ambassador Dirk Jan Kop.

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