14th May 2021, Skopje – Following the last week’s signing of the Loan Agreement by the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, and World Bank Country Manager, Massimiliano Paolucci, for the Public Sector Energy Efficiency Project, to be implemented through the MSIP PIU, Ministry of Finance announced a public call for the municipalities to submit requests for expression of interest for usage of funds for investments in municipal energy efficient buildings, the total funds subject to the call amounting to EUR 10.5 million. The project is aimed at reducing energy consumption in the public sector, at the same time improving the level and the quality of the public buildings and the public lighting. All local government units are eligible to use the funds under this component.

– Public Sector Energy Efficiency Project includes a strong development component and is of great significance, especially in the present situation when we face the effects from the Coronavirus crisis on the economy. Injecting funds in projects with a strong added value is of particular importance for both recovery of the economy and acceleration of the economic growth, Minister Besimi pointed out at the occasion of promoting the Project.

Amount of funds per municipality can vary from EUR 50,000 to EUR 750,000 and is dependent on the municipal borrowing capacity and the estimated investment value of the proposed municipal project. By signing a sub-loan agreement with the Ministry of Finance, 80% of the loan funds will be allocated to the municipality as on-lending, with the remaining 20% being allocated as a grant. At the same time, within the funds under this Project, the Ministry of Finance will also cover the expenses for preparation of Energy Audit and technical design.

Project’s total value is EUR 25 million, whereby part of the funds are intended for investments in energy efficiency of central government building, focusing on public health institutions, as well as for establishment of Energy Efficiency Fund.

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