1st June 2021, Skopje – Fresh EUR 180 million is provided as financial support to overcome the Coronavirus-induced crisis, EUR 80 million out of which from the EU as fiscal stimulus for the business sector and the citizens, and EUR 100 million from EIB as favourable loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The second tranche, amounting to EUR 80 million, out of total of EUR 160 million macro-financial support from the European Union for overcoming the COVID-19-induced crisis, was disbursed on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Parliament also adopted the Law pertaining to EUR 100 million from the European Investment Bank as favourable loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises, to be made available through the commercial banks.

– Corporate sector, especially contact-intensive services activities, needs support due to the liquidity and solvency issues in times of crisis.. Investors are to approach the new financing through different mechanisms. Multiple positive effects on the economy will be thus achieved. Continuation of the economic recovery entails continuing the support to companies, Besimi pointed out in the article titled “Fiscal stimulus for recovery, accelerated economic growth and fiscal consolidation”.

Finance Contract with EIB is to be signed in the course of this months, to provide for unlocking of the respective EUR 100 million as favourable loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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