5th December 2022, Brussels – Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, is heading the country’s delegation Monday and Tuesday to the bilateral screening of economic criteria and public administration and financial control reforms. Ministry of Finance is the leading institution in these Chapters of the bilateral screening, which commenced with the first cluster in November 2022. The area of economic criteria is included in the accession negotiations for the first time.

“Economic management is the essence of the economic criteria, which is why the Ministry of Finance attaches exceptional importance to the coordination of the two key processes, the implementation of the Economic Reform Program and the assessment of the compliance with the economic accession criteria”, the Minister said at the beginning of the bilateral screening for the economic criteria.

He underlined that regular economic and financial dialogue with the Commission, using the synergy of setting joint recommendations, has contributed to focusing the country’s capacities on implementing the highest priority reforms, which provide for increased economic growth and competitiveness of the country.

Pointing out the impact the crisis had on achieving the desired economic results in the course of the last year, he emphasized that, following the stabilization of the global trends, set strategies and planned measures are expected to yield the intended results further on.

“When talking about economic growth and development, it is not a process that can and should be achieved in just one year, but it is rather a long-term process of structural reforms which will yield sustainable results. Medium-term character of the Budget and its designing on the basis of strategic documents, such as the Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Growth Support Plan, the Public Investment Plan and the Growth Acceleration Plan, as a general framework, is a significant step in the efforts to achieve the goals”, the Minister said.

He also touched upon the tax reform, with the new concept being introduced recently, the activities undertaken to the end of improving the public investment management, the action plan for tackling informal economy, as well as the activities undertaken in the energy sector.

On Tuesday, the Minister will take part in the bilateral screening for the Public Administration Reform Chapter and Chapter 32 Financial Control. Bilateral screening is the first step in the EU accession negotiations process. It enables candidate countries to familiarise themselves with the EU laws and standards and the obligations they entail, as well as the countries’ levels of preparedness and plans to further alignment. In this process, Ministry of Finance is the leading institution in eight areas, i.e. chapters, in four out of total of six clusters in the process.

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