15th November 2019, Skopje – One of the challenges for our country is productivity increase. Therefore, we are talking about investing in human capital, i.e.  how much we have invested in upgrading people, how much we have used their full potential in with respect to both their jobs and the society in general. This was pointed out by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska when talking about the Panel Discussion “Macedonians Climbing the Elite Business Leaders” at the Macedonia 2025 Summit, being held these two days in Skopje.

-Productivity is focused on value creation. Value does not always have to be assessed in money, money is one of the results therefrom. Productivity is not something that happens on its own, it is rather a dedication, planning, self-discipline. One of the things that is a challenge for our country is to increase productivity. That is why we are talking about investing in human capital, i.e. development, and how much we can use the potential. It ultimately reflects on how productive we are in our jobs, in life, how productive we are, as a society as a whole, and how much we contribute to the development of our country. – Angelovska said.

Speaking about leadership, she said what is most important is to have the organizational skills, the ability to listen to the others, and to take care of how employees feel and how to get the best out of them.

-Having “emotional intelligence” and taking care of people, supporting your employees, is very important in leadership. A good leader is one who is capable of creating new leaders and being happy for other people’s success – Angelovska said.

She pointed out that mentorship is also important for creating staff who can respond to the respective needs of the organization or the institution.

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