30th November 2019, Skopje – Pursuing the functions of the state through collecting budget revenues is a joint obligation of both institutions, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Revenue Office – the first one ensures it by regulation adjustments, while the latter provides it in terms of operations. High percentage of budget revenue performance, more than 79% revenue collection and more than 81% contribution collection as of October inclusive, demonstrates the excellent cooperation between the two institutions, resulting in stable public finances and economic development, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said at the 25th jubilee of the Public Revenue Office and the celebration of the Tax Workers’ Day St. Matthew.

– Modern technological revolution also forces the Tax Administration to make fast changes so as to adapt to the smart and digital society we have already entered. Digital expansion does not go past us. The PRO is already carrying out big data – based analyses.  As a person who believes that technology can solve many problems, I also believe that further improvement can make us both more efficient and more effective.” ‘We can always do better’ is my maxim. We, the PRO Director and I, both agree thereto and we will jointly act on it, Angelovska pointed out.

Public Revenue Office is already in the process of intensive digitalization.  More than 95% of the personal income tax is administered by the payer, which facilitates the operations of the PRO, provides for increased control and frees resources.  Pre-populated PIT tax return, being successfully introduced this year, is also important from the point of view of abolishing paper-form tax returns.  The announced abolishing of the general receipt for up to Denar 6,000 as a document to exercise the right to VAT deduction will generate eco effects and will provide for facilitation to the companies.

– I would like to announce a further step towards the electronic accounting which will also contribute to paperless environment by introducing the e-invoice. There is a legal possibility even now to apply the e-invoice. Ministry of Finance has already started working on putting this novelty into operation. It will be one more big challenge the Tax Administration, the Ministry of Finance and the Government come up against. However, it is a challenge worth facing, Minister of Finance underlined.

Pointing out that progress is possible in no sphere, let alone a sensitive sphere like taxation, without any high-quality human capital, knowledge and new technologies, Angelovska underlined that the PRO is provided full support by the Ministry of Finance in the process of introducing new working climate in the tax administration, meaning quality and transparent operations and accountability for the outcomes.

– The state has to prepare its tax administration for the times ahead. If digital nomads decide to pay tax in Macedonia because they find the tax system favourable, they will certainly not pay it by literally coming at the counters. On the other hand, we have those who are traditional taxpayers, the tax morale of which we can increase by simplifying and shortening the tax procedures, improving the tax services and above all by ensuring them that the funds they pay are efficiently and effectively managed.  Therefore, transparency is not just a writing in the Government’s Program, but it reflects the determination to show the citizens and the companies that we are not to hide anything, Minister Angelovska said.

Ministry of Finance has made the budget users’ transactions available to the public by introducing the tool on tracking the performance of capital investments and the Open Finances platform, thus contributing to increased transparency.  Digitalization and new technologies also mean exposure of all fiscal system actors, their openness to analysis, criticism and specific procedures if the operations do not adhere to the laws. 

– But, digitalization and technology introduction alone cannot yield the full effects should there be no vision. Smart society uses technology’s power and potential so as to make the citizens more productive, to enable us to focus on our resources and to contribute to the activities that matter, the ultimate goal being improved health, wellbeing and quality of life and the society, Angelovska said.

Motto of PRO’s jubilee celebration this year was “Revenues, Challenges, Partners”.

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