29 October 2019, Skopje – What is necessary is greater involvement of women in the policymaking process,  determination to spread their voice, harnessing of the potential of technologies for their greater inclusion and creation of local, regional and global networks of women entrepreneurs. These are the points from the first eTrade for Women Masterclass organized by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) in North Macedonia.

More than 50 female entrepreneurs attended the first masterclass out of the series of masterclasses being held these two days in Skopje, which will be followed by similar sessions in China, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Rwanda and the Ivory Coast.<0} They were hosted in Skopje by the Minister of Finance Nina Angekovska, as one of the seven women ambassadors for e-trade from around the world, selected by UNCTAD to convey the message for the role of digital trade in the development of female entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of their inclusion as a stimulus for economic growth.  It is my utmost pleasure that the Masterclass “eTrade For Women” Initiative starts exactly from the Republic of North Macedonia. Due to the low participation of women on the labour market, the region losses 20 of the GDP growth, while the country loses 16% as indicated by the World Bank data. If we take this into account, we should create smart policies for greater inclusion of women, equal chances and opportunities for all contributing to higher economic growth. I would like to encourage all women to aim high, to believe in themselves, to take advantage of the potential of technologies and digitalization and to constantly upgrade themselves. The new fast digital world requires interdisciplinary requests, bringing new challenges, however at the end of the day, each challenge we faced make us stronger and more experienced -Minister of Finance Angelovska said, being the first woman Minister of Finance.<0}


The Minister stressed that women should not give up when facing problems but to rather come up with solutions by using the synergy between technologies and their potential, knowledge and care.

Wherever we go, we will face problems, and we cannot avoid this fact sharing the problem is not enoughThe skill is being able to identify, as well as propose a solution therefor. That is why you should define the problem and give ideas of how it can be solved. Only in this way, we will, more quickly, come up with solutions and good results for everyone – Angelovska underlined.


– Women entrepreneurs cope with numerous barriers such as access to finances, skills and support for business growth, which is especially the case in the developing countries. The eTrade for Women Initiative is aimed at creating strong network of women and inspire women to take advantage of the opportunities and get involved in the digital economy – Candace Nkoth Bisseck, Project Manager of the UNCTAD eTrade for Women Initiative said.


According to USAID North Macedonia Country Representative Erik Janowsky, greater inclusion of women on the labour market will lead to higher economic growth. At the same time, it will also contribute to higher living standard of the families.


USAID has launched many initiatives that support women, which help women entrepreneurs to conquer new markets and increase export – he said


Why is it necessary for women to participate in the policy making process?,  Masterclass participants asked. Because only those who have gone through such problems can understand them and truly contribute to their solution. Therefore, it is necessary to hear the voice of women and increase their inclusion in the policy making process. This requires political will and rules that will be respected, rather than just being on paper – Angelovska said. This is the only Masterclass of the UNCTAD eTrade for Women series, being held in Europe.



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