5th September 2018, Skopje- For the purpose of improving the 20-km long road network and reconstructing a primary school, today, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski signed agreements with the Mayors of Kavadarci, Kisela Voda, Ilinden, Centar, Zupa, Zelino and Studenicani. It is a matter of funds amounting to Denar 290.7 million aimed at infrastructure projects under the Municipal Services Improvement Project, implemented by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the World Bank. More than 25,00 citizens and 70 companies in the industrial zone in Ilinden will directly benefit therefrom.

Tevdovski stressed that the signing of agreements for 8 new capital projects in 6 municipalities from 4 different regions is the best indicator that the Government strives for development and better municipal services for all municipalities in Macedonia equally.

– Under the Municipal Services Improvement Project, which the Ministry of Finance implements with the World Bank’s support, by making investments in capital goods efforts are put for the citizens to be provided better municipal services, as well as for the local economy to be developed by – Tevdovski said.

Minister of Finance also announced that Ministry of Finance will soon publish new public call to municipalities through the Municipal Services Improvement Project.

-All municipalities are invited to apply with capital projects on the new public call under the Municipal Services Improvement Project, which will be published by the Ministry of Finance by the end of the month. Around 8 million funds will be allocated, aimed at expanding the local roads, building the utility infrastructure, increasing the number of kindergartens, as well as realizing other significant projects for both the municipalities and the citizens. I hereby urge the Mayors to apply for these funds, whereby they will be able to provide for better municipal services for their citizens, as well as development of the respective municipalities – Tevdovski said.

World Bank Country Manager for Macedonia, Marko Mantovanelli pointed out that local services are what the citizens need the most, given that they can make a huge difference and improve their living conditions.

-So far 12,900 households were provided more solid water supply network or 524,500 citizens were provided better utility services under the Municipal Services Improvement Project. This Project provides for enhancing the capacities of the local authorities, as well as increasing the transparency, so the municipalities could be able to achieve progress without needing the World Bank’s support in future – Mantovanelli said.

As for Kisela Voda Municipality, funds will be aimed at construction of storm water network in Przino settlement.

-This Project will provide for significant improvement of the living conditions of around 3,500 inhabitants of Kisela Voda Municipality. In the last 50 years, there was no atmospheric water management system in Przino, which often resulted in negative consequences on the environment, not only in Przino, as a high central area on the slopes of Vodno Mountain, but also in other parts of the municipality, where the atmospheric water was trapped in case of rainfall – Filip Temelkovski said.

Municipality of Kavadarci will use the respective funds for reconstruction of eight streets and one boulevard in the central area of the city.

– The benefits arising from the implementation of this Project are of great significant for our municipality, taking into account the fact that around 10000 citizens of our municipality live on these streets, where 700 vehicles pass through on a daily basis. This will provide the citizens with greater traffic safety, increased traffic capacity and facilitated communicastion, as well as greater safety of pedestrians – Mitko Jancev, the Mayor of Kavadaci said.

Local road connecting Kadino to A4 highway will be reconstructed in Ilinden Municipality. This local road is of great importance for the municipality since it is the main connection with the A4 highway.

– Reconstruction of this busy road section will contribute to greater traffic safety in this part of the Municipality, thus providing for faster and safer communication. Safety of transportation participants is one of the priorities of Ilinden Municipality. Therefore, continuous investments are made in construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and renovation of local streets and roads, as well as construction and reconstruction of pedestrian and bicycle paths – Zika Stojanovski, the Mayor of the Municipality of Ilinden said.

Municipality of Zelino will use the funds for reconstruction of a school, as well as the local roads to Grupcin and Novo Selo villages.

-Funds will be aimed at reconstructing the Primary School “Fan Noli-Trebos”, attended by 300 pupils. The facility was built in 1995, not being renovated since then onwards, due to which there were difficulties in terms of providing the basic functional requirements, particularly in the heating zone. These difficulties will be overcome as a result of this reconstruction. In addition, the local road from Novo Selo to Grupcin will be reconstructed – the Mayor of Novo Selo Blerim Sejdi said.

Centar Zupa will use the funds for reconstruction of the local road from the populated area Elevci to the populated area Dolgas, being a connection with Struga-Debar regional road.

-Construction of this 4 kilometer-road will lead to shortening the road to Struga for the inhabitants of Centar Zupa by 20 kilometers, the Mayor of Centar Zupa, Arijan Ibraim pointed out at the signing ceremony.

Mayor of Studenicani Azem Sadiku said that the funds provided under the Municipal Services Improvement Project will be used for landscaping of the municipality and street reconstruction.

-This is a very significant agreement for our municipality. It will provide for landscaping the center of Studemicani, as well as constructing a storm water network. Thus, a significant problem in the municipality will be resolved, whereby better living conditions will be provided to the municipal inhabitants, Sadiku said.

Municipal Services Improvement Project is implemented by the Ministry of Finance with support from the World Banka and the EU by using IPA funds. More than 70 capital projects were implemented in over 40 municipalities last year alone.

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