12th October 2021, Skopje – Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is committed to implementing public financial management reform, therefore adopting “Public Financial Management Reform Program 2018-2021”, which incorporates the “Internal Control” as one of its priorities. Ministry of Finance is undertaking activities for preparation of new “Public Financial Management Reform Program 2022-2025”, encompassing the priority for strengthened internal audit and internal control.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Dimitar Kovachevski, said at his opening speech at the occasion of the Joint Event of PEMPAL IACOP and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia.

As he stated, tools, i.e. knowledge products, arising from the mutual cooperation between the countries comprising the PEMPAL Community, will significantly contribute to the implementation of major part of the activities pertaining to internal audit and internal control, which are going to be embedded in the new Public Financial Management Reform Program.

“Internal auditors are one of the most important link in the overall public financial control system in the public sector. Therefore, it is necessary to continue practicing exchange of experience and best practice, thus improving the quality of the internal audit operations, at the same time contributing to advancing the managerial accountability and the internal controls”, Deputy Minister of Finance Kovachevski said.

Moreover, Ministry of Finance has launched activities for establishing Public Finance Academy, providing for sound basis for continuous education of the public administration in the area of public financial management, thus contributing to creating a modern and professional administration to render quality and prompt services to both the citizens and the business entities.

“Establishment of Public Finance Academy will create possibilities for deepening and expanding the cooperation with PEMPAL in future”, Kovachevski said.

He also underlined the close long-standing cooperation and support PEMPAL extends to the Ministry of Finance for further successful practicing of public internal financial control.

The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the PEMPAL IACOP, as well as internal auditors from the public sector, discussing the internal control system in North Macedonia, country’s good practices and the experience MoF’s IAU, assessing the effectiveness of internal control, etc.

Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning (PEMPAL) is a network to facilitate exchange of professional experience and knowledge transfer among public financial management practitioners in countries across the Europe and Central Asia region, while the objective of PEMPAL IACOP is to support its member countries in establishing modern and effective internal audit systems that meet international standards and good practices; key for good governance and accountability in the public sector.

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