30th August 2022, Skopje – United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed the third amendment to the Development Partnership Grant Agreement (DPGA) with the Republic of North Macedonia, granting an additional increment of US$ 10.3 million in support of the alliance for sustainable development. It is a five-year agreement, promoting greater country ownership, leadership and investments, working jointly to achieving the country’s development objectives.

Jeri Dible, USAID North Macedonia Country Representative, and Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, representing the Government of North Macedonia, signed the Agreement. US Ambassador, Kate Marie Byrnes, witnessed the signing of the Agreement documents, emphasizing the importance of advancing the partnership between the USA and the Republic of North Macedonia.

“Half of USAID’s support through the Development Partnership Grant Agreement focuses on fighting corruption. We are sure that our partnership and working together to bring positive changes can make the country more prosperous, well-governed and more resilient. By signing the Agreement, we will continue to lend our support and look forward to seeing a strong return on investment, led by the Government and led by the people”, Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes emphasized.

As the Minister pointed out, the United States of America are our committed partner, providing continuous support throughout this process. Today’s signing of the 5-year Development Partnership Grant Agreement with the United States Agency for International Development also speaks in favor thereof. “This Agreement, under which the USA grants additional support in the amount of US$ 10.3 million, provides for supporting the development of a democratic society and a competitive economy, as values ​​upon which our society is based. By signing this Amendment, so-far effectuated amount is US$ 22.1 million out of the total US$ 56.6 million projected within this 5-year Agreement. I would like to hereby use this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude and thereby stress that in addition to the political support, our country has been provided with substantial financial support by the USA Government via USAD, amounting to around US$ 840 million since 1993 up to now”, Minister Besimi noted.

Through this Agreement, both parties commit to co-invest; to provide monetary, in-kind and human resources; and to work together to achieve mutually beneficial development goals. Government of North Macedonia has taken the lead in this cooperation – developing, financing and implementing key initiatives that benefit the country – with USAID providing additional support.

Joint objectives reflected in the DPGA are fully aligned with USAID’s 2020-2025 Country Development Cooperation Strategy for North Macedonia which aims to achieve the following:

  • greater economic growth through boosted competitiveness, reducing barriers to expansion into Euro-Atlantic markets and advancing energy security;
  • increased youth engagement fostering economic opportunities and empowering youth to take an active role in the country’s development; and
  • reduced corruption and fostering a culture of accountability.

This year, USAID is celebrating 30 years of partnership with North Macedonia and the continued support provided though this Agreement attests US Government’s commitment to achieving shared development objectives in North Macedonia.

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