14th July 2023, Washington – On Friday, Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikoloski, met World Bank Group Executive Director, Koen Davidse and the Regional Director for Human Development in Europe and Central Asia, Michal Rutkowski, in WB headquarters in Washington.

Meeting was focused on the new 2024-2028 World Bank Country Partnership Framework. Deputy Minister expressed gratitude to this international financial institution for preparing the systemic diagnostic tests of the country, being an analytical report preceding the Country Partnership Framework.

“Attentive identification of the priorities is most significant for successfully implementing the new Framework, as well as accomplishing the set goals. Priorities to be included in the new Country Partnership Framework should reflect the priorities as defined by the Government in the national strategic documents and the Growth Acceleration Plan, incorporating the key reforms jointly adopted with the European Union, which implies getting the country closer to the EU more quickly”, Deputy Minister of Finance said.

Topics covered at the meeting also pertained to the ongoing portfolio of projects implemented in the country with World Bank support, by which nine projects are being implemented with loans amounting to around US$ 400 million.

Nikoloski also touched upon the activities the Government undertakes aimed at adopting the Human Capital Development Strategy, as a strategic document geared towards accelerated, inclusive and sustainable growth, providing the citizens a better standard of living. The respective Strategy is focused on helping the country to improve the human capital results and identify the key challenges, as well as the reform priorities underpinning the path to greater prosperity

During his stay in Washington, Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikoloski, met Alternate Executive Director, Luc Dresse, and IMF Mission Chief, Jacque Minian, at IMF headquarters.

Economic developments and policies in our country were points of discussion, whereby Deputy Minister Nikoloski stressed the commitment of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to ensuring a long-term fiscal sustainability.


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