23rd November 2023, Skopje – At today’s bilateral meetings taking place in Brussels, the Republic of North Macedonia, together with the other Western Balkan countries, laid the foundations for the reform agendas which are to be prepared under the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans. Delegation from the Republic of North Macedonia, led by the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, also participated in this process.

“The meeting was highly effective, outlining the pattern we are to follow when preparing our reform agenda within the process of implementing the Growth Plan. The process takes high intensity, something we both, the EU and us, desire. In just less than 10 days, we have implemented two steps under the process, speaking of the strong commitment thereto by both parties”, Minsiter Besimi said.

He underlined that North Macedonia and the Government place a top priority on the EU integration process, and the reforms, included in the new reform agenda, are not unknown of. What is important under this Plan is us putting greater focus on implementing the priority reforms, with the EU putting even greater focus on the support to implement these reforms.

“Following the meeting, we are to do our homework in coordination with the EC. We will put efforts in accomplishing the work at the necessary level as soon as possible, so as for the reform implementation to bring the benefits home as soon as possible”, Besimi emphasized, adding that the reform agenda will include the structural reforms under the latest Economic Reform Program and the related approved Joint Conclusions of the Economic and Financial Dialogue, as well as the revised enlargement methodology, the latest enlargement package and the Economic and Investment Plan for Western Balkans.

In line with the pace set within the process of implementation of the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, initial details of the reforms agendas are to be sent to the EC in the course of the next month, with the entire reform agenda completed by the beginning of the second quarter in 2024, followed by actual implementation of the reforms as per the set dynamics and disbursement of funds to the countries to the end of supporting their reform agenda.

Growth Plan for the Western Balkans provides a financial assistance worth EUR 6 billion for the Western Balkan countries. Republic of North Macedonia will have EUR 860 million available to be disbursed under a pre-defined dynamics.

Secretariat for European Affairs and Ministry of Finance will monitor the implementation of this reform process in the country.

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