23rd November 2023, Skopje – Dialogue on the Western Balkan countries with the EU continues today in Brussels. Delegation of the Republic of North Macedonia, which will take part in the bilateral meetings in Brussels, is headed by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi.

This meeting is part of the set activities aimed at implementing the proposed Growth Plan, taking place only one week after the initially held meeting in Skopje, wherein the Plan was presented, upon its adoption in Brussels. The meeting in Brussels will focus on the priority areas, which will be covered under the reform agendas the countries need to prepare, while also incorporating the investments in support of this reform.

Both the EU and the Western Balkan countries, as indicated at the meeting in Skopje, aim to intensify this process, so as for the countries, the citizens and the business community, to feel the benefits therefrom, as early as possible.

Growth Plan for the Western Balkans is an EU instrument, which will provide for accelerated reform implementation, all to the end of attaining boosted economic growth and social and economic convergence.

This Plan rests upon four pillars, i.e. strengthening the economic convergence with the EU Single Market, encouraging the regional economic convergence of the Western Balkans, accelerating the major reform implementation and increasing the financial assistance in support of the reforms and the growth of the countries in the region via the Reform and Growth Facility for the Western Balkans. It is expected for the reform agendas to be prepared and submitted to the EU by the beginning of the second quarter of 2024, whereby the funds in support of these reforms, are to be paid by the end of next year already.


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