2nd December 2023, Skopje – Public revenues are cornerstone of the public finance system, whereby provision of public services to the citizens and the companies depends on the collection dynamics thereof, Minister of Finnace, Fatmir Besimi pointed out at ceremony marking the Tax Workers Day, organized by the Public Revenue Office.

“Public revenue collection provides for funds for financing education, health, infrastructure, social protection, as well as other public services in the country. Tax workers play a vital role in implementing the tax laws and combatting informal economy. Compliance with the legal obligations implies equal working conditions for all and equality before the law, thus leading to reduced informal economy. We undertook significant measures, followed by adoption of an action plan, and we will altogether keep putting efforts in building a stronger tax system, all to the end of ensuring greater quality of public services and accelerated growth and development of the domestic economy”, Minister pointed out.

He stressed the actions taken in the past period, geared towards designing the tax policies in support of fulfilling the objectives and the priorities under the 2021-2025 Tax System Reform Strategy such as: just, efficient, transparent, and modern tax system, resting upon state-of-the art digital technologies and innovations as regards taxation, all to the end of attaining accelerated, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. At the same, steps were undertaken, aimed at digitalizing the tax procedures and intensifying the interoperability between the competent institutions. He also stressed that in crisis situation, VAT has been refunded, on regular basis and in uninterrupted manner, to the business sector, with “MyVAT” measure being extended as well.

“Close cooperation with the Public Revenue Office will continue further on, and we will take joint actions for realizing the tax area priorities, among which the continuous enhancement of the tax legislation, increased efficiency and effectiveness of the tax revenue collection, fight against informal economy, increased transparency of the tax system and enhanced cooperation with the ministries of finance and tax administrations in the region and beyond”, Minister Fatmir Besimi pointed out.

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