6th December, 2017, Skopje- Tonight, in MOB, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski together with His Excellency, the Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany,  Thomas Gerberich, German partners, institutions and foundations present in Macedonia, as well as  Government representatives, celebrated the 25th anniversary of German and Macedonian cooperation, organized by the German Embassy in Skopje.


Federal Republic of Germany is one of the biggest donors in our country.  Thanks to the numerous funds allocated in the form of loans and donations from the Federal Republic of Germany, significant number of projects have been implemented, thus making a major step in the further development of Macedonian economy on the road to the European Union and NATO, Minister of Finance Tevdovski pointed out.

Ambassador Gerberich, in his address, emphasized that Macedonia and German remain to be stable partners.

Germany is the major trade partner of Macedonia.  Annual bilateral trade is almost EUR 3 billion, recording continuous growth. As for Germany, being a leader in the field of export, Macedonia realizes foreign trade surplus, and participating with 50% in the total export, Germany remains to be the main market to export Macedonian products. In addition, more than  200 German companies  have employed over 15,000 workers in the country, and a number of domestic companies have  trade and business contacts with Germany or they are representatives of the major German brands, His Excellency, Ambassador Gerberich said.


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