Skopje, 7th November 2014 (MIA) – Companies from the computer, technologic and film industry in Los Angeles showed interest in the investment opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia.  They believe that the companies may be satisfied with the manner of doing business in Macedonia, and representatives from the Company “Alorica”, engaged in outsourcing and consulting services, will come in the next three months so as to thoroughly analyze the conditions for doing business in the country.  

At the Business Forum in Los Angeles, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said to those present that the Government is friendly oriented towards the business and the possibilities available to private investors.  

– We believe that the more we support the business the more we support our citizens, since the business provides for both job creation and better living conditions in our country, Gruevski said.

In addition to the advantages and incentives provided to investors deciding to invest their capital, he went on that the Government also made progress in the fight against corruption and its reduction.

– This enabled us to advance by 40 positions in the “Transparency International” Corruption Perceptions Index for a period of 6 to 7 months, Gruevski said.

He added that the Government is focused on investments and development of all levels of education, primary, secondary and university education,

– We undertook many activities and made many changes, we introduced learning English language even in the first grade in primary schools, we made the secondary education free and mandatory, we opened new universities and faculties, we cooperate with Cambridge in terms of the subjects being studied in both primary and secondary education.  We also invest in the education quality, by translating more than 1,000 books, being studied in 10 top universities in the world, and new laboratories and equipment were also provided.  Quality education is a good capital the companies should use, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

Thereby, he invited the present investors to visit Macedonia.  – Those who plan to start business or want to open new facility or to transfer one part of the existing business to a new location, before deciding to come in Macedonia, should first talk with the investors who have already invested in Macedonia so as to make sure that we speak the truth, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

Minister in charge of Attracting Foreign Investments, Bill Pavleski, emphasized the advantages offered to investors, pointing out that the companies make analyses for potential investments in our country.

– Today, we have presented our country to companies from different sectors, information and technological industry, as well as film industry. These companies were interested in the investment opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia, the favourable tax policy, well-educated staff in the country, being very important for them. They also consider all other possibilities offered for doing business, Pavleski said.

CEO of “Alorica” Andy Lee, company dealing with outsourcing and consulting services, having more than  16,000 employed people in the world, actively considers the investment opportunities, already planning to carry out precise cooperation.

He said that, as a company, they operate in many countries throughout the world and what they have learned at the Business Forum is that one may be satisfied with the doing business incentives in Macedonia.

– Macedonia has highly skilled labour force, it is to a great extent committed to attracting investors, and its Government supports the business which, from my point of view, is a sign that is has everything we need to be successful, hence, we are eager to visit this country and learn more about the business opportunities.  We will visit Macedonia in the next three months so as to thoroughly analyze the possibility for starting business in the country, CEO Andy Lee said.

Owner of the Company “Innovaworks”, active in developing software solutions, David Hunter, who opened representative office in the Republic of Macedonia several years ago, is satisfied with the support he obtains.

– From my experience, cooperation with the Government has made every single aspect of our work much easier.  My plan is to extend our business in Macedonia, we would like to work with larger companies ad use skilled labour force from several areas, Hunter said.

Los Angeles, where the government delegation headed by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski held Business Forum is the second largest city in the USA and  center of technological, health, educational, TV and film industry. It also the second largest city in terms of gross regional product in the USA.

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