4th May 2020, Skopje – Around 7,000 companies have applied for the government measures so far, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said at the press conference on Monday. Companies are the most interested in the financial support measure – Denar 14,500 per employee, with around 5,000 companies applied therefore so far, as well as the interest-free loans from the Development Bank of North Macedonia and the profit tax advance payment exemption.

According to the data of the Public Revenue Office, more than 1,000 entities, companies and persons performing independent activity used the advance payment exemption measure, with more than 680 companies having applied for the profit tax advance payment exemption and around 380 persons performing independent activity having applied for PIT advance payment exemption.

– As regards the interest-free loans which were launched, the first credit line has been disbursed almost completely, and more than 630 companies, or to be precise, 631 companies, employing 5,600 persons, were approved the free-interest loans in the amount of EUR 4.7 million. Interest for this credit line was high, hence the second credit line in the amount of EUR 8 million was disbursed on 29th April, with 600 loan applications being submitted by the companies on the very same day alone, Angelovska said.

She pointed out that with respect to the measure for which the highest amount of funds is provided – EUR 100 – EUR 120 million – for financial support in the amount of Denar 14,500 per employee, the application process was launched Friday afternoon. As of Monday morning inclusive, more than 5,000 applications were submitted by the companies for just two days during the weekend. 4,000 applications have already been processed and approved.

– This is a significant package of measures launched. Everyone can apply for this measure, it is aimed at helping, from a liquidity point of view, protect the jobs, Once the application process is completed, the MPIN form (Monthly Calculation of Integrated Payment) is filled in, we can come up with the number of employees it covers and, starting 10th May, the payments will be made, i.e. the companies will receive the financial support. If all this is taken into account, we can say that around 7,000 companies use or will use these measures, or have applied for the measures under the first and the second set of economic measures presented, Angelovska said.

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