Skopje, 18th April 2020 – Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said Saturday that VAT refund to companies from the beginning of the year by 15th April, i.e. the first half of the month, increased by 20% or by EUR 20 million.

-In the first half of April alone, VAT refund increased by 65% compared to the same month last year, Angelovska said at the press conference at which it was also announced that tobacco subsidies for 2019 were paid.

She also informed that MoF, the National Bank and the banks were preparing for pension payments, covering by 20 times more citizens compared to the payment of tobacco subsidies.

-Such payments are planned to be made in the last week of April, and they will be systemized and dispersed so as to avoid creating crowds and jeopardizing the health of the citizens. I would point out that organizing the payments in such manner is necessary and, at the same time, it is a good example that if the situation is managed in a systematic manner and coordinately, adequate solutions can be found to be taken into account, primarily the citizens’ health. The most important is to protect the health and to avoid the risks, Angelovska said. (MIA)

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