28th June 2020, Skopje – Around EUR 28 million intended for the payment cards have been already transferred to the banks, and by the middle of past week, 60.000 cards have been issued to the citizens, amounting to around EUR 11 million, being already in use. Macedonian products are already being purchased with the domestic payment cards, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said in an interview for “Biznis Poenti” TV Program for Alfa TV Channel.

-Total amount of EUR 28 million has been deposited on the banks’ accounts.  Banks intensively issue domestic payment cards to citizens on a daily basis. As of 23rd June inclusive, 60,000 payment cards have already been put into circulation, being used for paying in the markets, the stores and the hospitality industry facilities. This means that around EUR 11 million has already been deposited on the citizens’ accounts by 23rd June. We monitor the implementation of the measures on a daily basis, the manner of issuing and distributing the cards to the citizens, however, we also monitor the situation as regards certain complaints the citizens lodged, not being on the list despite believing to meet the necessary criteria therefor – Angelovska said.

Minister of Finance pointed out that a team from the General Secretariat and other competent institutions are considering the complaints, thereby pointing out that all those meeting the requirements, and not being on the initial list, already having lodged complaint therefor, will receive a domestic payment card.

Domestic payment cards can be used for purchasing domestic products by 15th August. The retail stores are obliged to either mark Macedonian products or place them on special shelves therein.

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