Today, we announce the unpaid liabilities of government institutions, with 31st May 2017 as cut-off date. Review of unpaid liabilities we are to present, was made on the basis of data, which the budget users, the funds, the public enterprises and the municipalities submitted to the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, Ministry of Finance cannot guarantee their credibility.

Total amount of unpaid liabilities as of 31st May 2017 inclusive, is Denar 22 billion, i.e. EUR 363 million. Their structure is shown in the slide. This amount is the highest at the budget institutions and the public enterprises established by the Republic of Macedonia.

The budget users and the funds, together with the local institutions financed through block grants, have unpaid liabilities in the amount of Denar 6 billion. Unpaid liabilities of budget users amount to Denar 5.1 billion, while those of the funds and the local institutions funded through block grants amount to Denar 30 million and Denar 893 million, respectively.

As regards budget users, the highest amount of unpaid liabilities is in the following budget user: financing of activities in the field of culture, amounting to Denar 2.4 billion. Liabilities have been mainly intended for construction of the hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Drama Theater, the Mother Theresa Museum and the Theater in Veles.

Unpaid liabilities of public health institutions amount to Denar 3.2 billion. The highest liabilities belong to the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, the General Hospital “8mi Septemvri” Skopje and the Clinic for Surgical Diseases “Sv. Naum Ohridski” Skopje.

Public enterprises established by the Republic of Macedonia have unpaid liabilities in the amount of Denar 6 billion. They are the highest in Macedonian Railways Transport, AD MEPSO and “Makedonija Pat” Public Enterprise.

Municipalities have unpaid liabilities, the amount of which is Denar 4.6 billion. Ohrid, Tetovo and Karpos Municipalities have the highest unpaid liabilities.

Local enterprises established by municipalities have unpaid liabilities in the amount of Denar 2.5 billion. Local enterprises in Kumanovo, Ohrid and the City of Skopje have the highest liabilities.

Detailed review of unpaid liabilities can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance in the section Reforms, Transparency and Accountability.

Please allow me to inform the public that the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank are currently negotiating a project for settling these liabilities and developing mechanisms for their prevention in future.

In addition, Ministry of Finance plans to upgrade the software for the unpaid liabilities, so they can be systematically recorded and viewed in real time.


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