The primary task of the Budget and Funds Department is creation of fiscal policy, public finance management and improvement of the budgetary process. In this regard, the basic responsibility of the Budget and Funds Department is preparation of the Draft Budget of the Republic of Macedonia as a whole and its submission to the Government.

In addition, Budget and Funds Department performs other important matters pertaining to:

  • Laws governing the procedure for preparation, adoption and execution of the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy (three years) that outlines the guidelines and objectives of the fiscal policy and the amounts of the major categories of estimated revenues and appropriations,
  • Budget Circular that includes instructions and guidance for preparation of  budget requests,
  • Annual Report of the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, which presents the realized revenues and expenditures of all budget accounts, compared with the projected revenues and approved expenditures,
  • Opinions, information and reports on programs, materials and decisions concerning the Budget and Budget policy,
  • Analysis of budget revenues and expenditures and studying the effects of the proposed legislation in the area of budgetary policy,
  • Approval of budget relocations and expansions of budget users pursuant to the principles of efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Monitoring of the payment of salaries by budget users,
  • Analysis and information on public investment,
  • Processing and analysis of revenues and expenditures of local authorities, as well as preparation of legislation for financing Local Self-Government Units,
  • Monitoring of the performance of public enterprises, agencies and trading companies established by the state regarding the proper use of their funds.

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