Skopje, 18th August 2014 (MIA)As of today, citizens may submit applications for writing off of debts in the centers for social work in the places in which they live and in those closest to their place of residence.

Ministry of Finance has already announced the public call for one-off writing off of debts of the most vulnerable categories.

Citizens will submit the applications within 30 days from the announcement of the call by the Ministry, and special Commission will decide upon their approval. Citizens should fill in application in a special form, by entering the basic data, their name and surname and the name and surname of their spouses, as well as the type of debt they have.

They should bring ID and the ID of their spouse. They should sign statement, by which they would give consent, upon which the government institutions may, ex officio, provide all other necessary documents from the government institutions so as for the procedure to be simpler for the citizens and so as for them not to be forced to wait at counters for getting the necessary documentation.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreskis, by realizing the project for one-off writing off of debts, the Government will help to a great extent to the most vulnerable categories of citizens, who, due to the deteriorated financial conditions and consequences from the long-lasting European and global crises, could not settle their liabilities on time. – Thus, one of the most significant projects in the 2014-20-18 Government Program is being realized and one of the most significant promises made to the citizens, i.e. to the most vulnerable categories, is being fulfilled, Stavreski said. Debts incurred as of 31st December 2013 inclusive, on the basis of consumed electricity, thermal energy, credit cards, overdrafts of transaction account and consumer credits, as well as debts on the basis of broadcasting fee, will be written off.

The measure include unpaid debts for more than one year, and collection procedure should be initiated therefore. Debts of the three most vulnerable categories of citizens, i.e. social assistance and permanent pecuniary assistance beneficiaries, unemployed persons actively seeking job for longer than 12 months and persons exposed to social risk due to death of spouse or disability or severe decease occurred in the last five years, are written off under this measure. All banks in the Republic of Macedonia, EVN, ELEM Toplifikacija, MRTV, two saving houses, Notary Chamber and Chamber of Enforcement Agents are involved in the Project. There was great favourable reaction by the entities having claims by the citizens, wishing to be included in this Project.

There will be procedure for signing agreements with all of them. Entire procedure for writing off of debts of the most vulnerable categories of citizens is expected to be completed by November, and it is estimated to cover between 50,000 and 100,000 citizens, depending on how many people will apply. In addition to the principal, interests, as well as costs for notaries public and enforcement agents, should be written off under this measure.

As regards the written-off debt, the creditors, i.e. the banks, EVN Toplifikacija (company for production and distribution of heat energy) will be entitled to tax credit in the amount of certain percentage of the debt, which will not be higher than 10% of the written-off debt.

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