Skopje, 9th July 2012 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance paid Denar 162.4 million as subsidies for vegetable production in agriculture to 6,237 farmers on several basis.

Denar 32.9 million is transferred for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and production of cut flowers in controlled conditions, Denar 30.7 million for production of propagating material for cereals, industrial crops, except tobacco and gardening crops, Denar 24.5 million for areas sown with cereals, Denar 21.8 million for sold gardening crops, and Denar 19.3 million for arable land for market gardening.

Subsidies for produced tomatoes and cucumbers were also paid, as well as for production of domestic vine graft and seedlings for orchards and growing rise and sunflower.

Most of the funds, Denar 35 million, were paid in the Stumica region, Denar 31 million was paid in Bitola, Denar 12.8 million in Gevgelija, Denar 10.6 million in Kumanovo, and Denar 10.3 million in Veles.

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