Skopje, 10th July 2013 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance paid Denar 338 million to 9,055 farmers related to several measures.


As stated in the press release, Denar 44.2 million was paid to 1,541 farmers for the sold fruit and vegetables to the processing plants. Denar 26.9 million was paid to 1,347 persons for production of fruit and vegetables. Denar 9.4 million was paid to 68 farmers for production of tomatoes and peppers under controlled conditions.


Denar 41.5 million was paid to 615 farmers for crops with seedlings. Denar 11.2 million was paid to 643 farmers for unshelled rice, while Denar 6.76 million was paid to 1,354 persons for growing rice, sunflower, corn and forage. As regards the measure agricultural crops/crops, Denar 2.3 million was paid to 29 farmers.


With respect to fruit growing, Denar 63.3 million was paid to 1,428 million, in particular for maintenance of the existing fruit plantations, growing new plantations and sale of fruit to the processing plants. As regards wine production, Denar 34.8 million was paid to 53 persons for the existing wine plantations, new wine plantations, Denar 2 per sold grape and wine graft and fruit seedlings.


Denar 37.9 million was paid to 839 persons as support to cattle breeding for ear-tagged herds of bovine animals, herds of goats, sheep, sows, heads of breeding pigs, laying hens, broilers, ostriches and honey-bearing flora, as well as for sheep milk, cow milk and goat milk. Funds are also paid for the following measures: organic production, insurance and protection of agricultural land.


– By paying subsidies, both the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Finance remain committed to supporting agricultural sector, as a crucial sector in the Macedonian economy, Ministry of Finance press release stated.


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