Prague, 26th November 2014 (MIA) – During the working visit to the Czech Republic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, met his Czech counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Andrej Babiš.

During the meeting, as the Ministers said, they exchanged experience in economic policies both countries implement, aimed creating better economic environment providing for growth of the economies.

– We discussed the Macedonian tax system and the investment opportunities in Macedonia as an EU candidate country, Czech Minister Babiš told MIA.

Babiš went on by saying they also discussed number of issues within the scope of operations of both Ministries, such as public procurement, central purchasing and conditions and requirements to invest in Macedonia. 

Exchange of experts and intensification of economic cooperation were also discussed and agreed.

– What is interesting for the Czech Republic is that Macedonia is one of the few countries realizing surplus when exporting to Germany, through the companies which invested in the country and have production facilities there. Germany produces a lot of spare parts for the automotive industry and it is a good opportunity for the Czech investors as well, Babiš said.

He underlined that Czech companies were also opened opportunities to establish cooperation in Macedonia in the field of agriculture and food industry.

– Meeting with Minister Babiš is one more reaffirmation of the support the Czech Republic extends the Republic of Macedonia in its EU integration process, Stavreski said.

According to him, they both concluded that economic policies in the countries were set on sound basis, providing for solid economic growth and high macroeconomic stability, and low level of indebtedness of around 40% of GDP in both countries.

– I have also informed Babiš on the tax policies, which he assessed as attractive and favourable for the investors. This was said in the light of attracting investors from the automotive industry from Germany, England and other countries that contribute to high export. Macedonia’s trade surplus with Germany was in particular pointed out, Stavreski said.

Other areas and sectors within the scope of operations of the Ministries were also discussed.

– We have exchanged experience in carrying out public procurement and implementing the Regulatory Guillotine Project, streamlining the working conditions for the SMEs, which the Czech Minister showed large interest for, Stavreski stated.

Czech Minister confirmed that the Czech Republic would continue to extend strong support to the Republic of Macedonia in its efforts for higher economic growth and integration in the EU.

Stavreski headed the Economic Government Delegation in Prague, which presented the investment opportunities offered in the country in front of more that thirty Czech companies attending the Business Forum.

– Macedonian and Czech economy have generated solid growth in the course of this year. Macedonia has generated the highest growth in Europe, and such growth is the basis for meetings with the Czech companies, since it is obvious they are interested in investing outside their country, Stavreski pointed out, stressing the significance of the debate between the Czech and Macedonian business community.

As Stavreski underlined, Czech companies were explained the opportunities Macedonia offers through its favourable business climate, low taxes and the possibility to manufacture in Macedonia, and to sell on the market with 650 million consumers, since Macedonia has signed free trade agreements with large number of countries, including the EU Member States.

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