Gevgelija, 15th February 2017 (MIA) – Today, realization of the Project for Improvement of the Water Supply System with financial support of the IPA funds and the World Bank commenced in Gevgelija, being aimed at improving the water supply o 17,000 inhabitants  in Gevgelija, Mrzenci, Moin, Bogorodica, as well as Selemi and Stojakovo in Bogdanci Municipality.

The launch of the construction of the new water supply system was marked by the EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar, the Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski and the Mayor Ivan Frangov.

Construction of four wells, pump stations, chlorination station, pipes and water tank with a capacity of thousand cubic meters is envisaged.

Total value of the Project is EUR 1.7 million, while Ministry of Finance, as Minister Minoski said, gave its contribution thereto by providing funds through the Municipal Services Improvement Project, amounting to EUR 1.6 million, EUR 260,000 out of which as grant funds. One hundred euros has been provided through the Water and Sewage System of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

According to Minister Minoski, it is a matter of significant project, which, apart for smooth supply of clean drinking water at these places, it will also contribute to development of the local economy by creating opportunities for opening agricultural processing facilities, industrial facilities and new small businesses, as well as development of primary and secondary livestock production.

– Municipal Services Improvement Project is aimed at improving the quality of life in the municipalities, by realizing capital projects, such as water supply systems, sewage and energy efficiency, local road infrastructure, kindergartens, green markers, infrastructure in industrial zones and similar, Minoski said, adding that this very Project best reflects the synergy created via the cooperation among the central government and the local authorities.

EU Ambassador Zbogar stressed that such project has been implemented for the first time under the recently launched campaign “EU for YOU”.

– I must point out that Gevgelija Municipality has managed to combine different funding sources for the Project very successfully, and in my opinion, this exact manner of realizing a pioneer project should set an example for the other municipalities as to how major projects should be implemented, Zbogar said, adding that he expects for this Project to provide for preserving the health of people, increasing the savings of households, as well as for improving the local business sector.

According to the Mayor of Gevgelija, Ivan Frangov, the new water supply system should be completed by November, being preceded by seven years spent in looking for quality water solution.   – I would like to express enormous gratitude on my behalf, as well as on behalf of the citizens of Gevgelija Municipality for the financial support provided through the EU Funds, the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance, as well as the grant funds from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Overall financial scheme of the Project has been completed, which will cost more than Denar 105 million, i.e. EUR 1.7 million, Frangov said.

Ministry of Finance has implemented the Municipal Services Improvement Project since 2009, through which, until today, 80 capital projects have been financed in 55 municipalities, amounting to around EUR 45 million.  Minister stressed that there is ongoing new public call for this Project, in which great interest has been expressed by the municipalities, already submitting new projects that are under evaluation.

Municipal Services Improvement Project is being implemented with the support of both the World Bank and the European Commission.

Funds for loans under favourable terms and conditions intended for the municipalities have been provided from the World Bank, while grant funds aimed at implementing projects in rural areas are being provided under the IPA component.

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