Skopje, 8th 2012 (MIA) – Four thousands persons will be engaged in public works in the municipalities. Project will start this summer and it will last six months. 2,000 persons will be engaged by the municipalities, the same number of persons will be also engaged by the Government, which has provided EUR 1.5 million.


Project was discussed at today’s meeting in the Association of Local Government Units, being attended by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, Minister of Labour and Social Policy and Minister of Local Government Spiro Ristovksi and Nevzat Bejta.


According to the President of the Association of Local Government Units and the Mayor of the City of Skopje Koce Trajanovski, this is a good initiative for engaging seasonal workers to work on the maintenance of hygiene of streets and green areas, thus contributing to greater hygiene, cleaner public areas, environment protection and improved conditions for citizens.


Project, he added, has social aspect since 4,000 persons will be employed.


Minister of Finance Stavreski pointed out that the temporary employment of these 4,000 persons in Macedonian will be in favour of both those to be engaged and the municipalities.


– I expect for the Project to start this summer and to be successfully realized, as in 2009, when the economic crisis commenced and we managed to realize a similar project. At present, in conditions of the new debt crisis in Europe, the Government and the municipalities meet the unemployed persons half way and they will temporary help them to acquire revenues in certain time period, provide funds for themselves and their families. Municipalities will also benefit since public works will be realized, which will improve the living conditions, Minister pointed out.


He stressed that the persons will be engaged for a period of at least 6 months, however if the economic developments allow and if there is possibility, the Project will continue since, as he added, this will help those persons, who could not easily found job under the current economic circumstances.


Persons will be engaged through job announcement. Advantage would be given to individuals, being unemployed for a longer period of time, persons with lower qualifications and persons above the age of 55, people who face difficulties in finding job on the private sector market. They will be employed under contract and the monthly salary will amount to Denar 7,000.

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