25th July 2019, Skopje – Funds in the amount of Denar 176.9 million (EUR 2.8 million) are allocated for capital projects and infrastructure improvement in nine Macedonian municipalities, i.e. Chucher Sandevo, Vrapchishte, Bogovinje, Tetovo, Delchevo, Kichevo, Shuto Orizari, Makedonski Brod and Demir Hisar under the Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP, implemented by the Ministry of Finance, with support from the World Bank.

Today, contracts with part of these municipalities were signed at the Ministry of Finance, it the presence of Deputy Minister of Finance, Shiret Elezi, Country Manager for Kosovo and North Macedonia, in the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World Bank, Marco Mantovanelli, and the respective mayors.

Funds are envisaged for reconstruction of a local road in Chucher Sandevo, construction of two water treatment plants in Vrapchishte Municipality, procurement of vehicles and machinery for the public communal enterprise in Bogovinje Municipality, construction of a boulevard in Tetovo, construction of a chapel in the city cemetery in Delchevo, construction of roundabouts in Kichevo, reconstruction of a park in Makedonski Brod, construction of a playground in Shuto Orizari and procurement of firefighting vehicle in Demir Hisar.

Part of the funds are allocated as loans under exceptionally low and favourable interest rate, and the remaining are grant funds.

-These projects will serve more than 160,000 citizens in 9 different municipalities in both rural and urban regions in the country, in the east and the central, as well as the western region. MSIP objective is, via a financial support to local projects, to improve municipal services, thus improving the living standard in the municipalities, i.e. to provide better conditions for the citizens, Shiret Elezi, Deputy Minister of Finance, said.

WB Country Director for North Macedonia, Marco Mantovanelli, referring to the overall results under MSIP, said that so far, under the Project, more than 23,350 households have been connected to the water supply network, more than half a million people have access to the solid waste collection services, and 150 km of local roads have been rehabilitated.

-The first Municipal Services Improvement Project (EUR 18.9 million) was approved in 2009, followed by EUR 37.2 million provided by the World Bank in 2012 and EUR 15.5 million approved by the European Union through the IPA instrument, intended for support to investments in the rural settlements in the municipalities through MSIP and improvement of their services, Mantovanelli said, adding that additional EUR 25 million is provided for the Second Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP 2.

Funds provided under MSIP, under a loan in the amount of Denar 46.33 million for Chucher Sandevo Municipality, will be used for reconstruction of 2.3 km of “Aleksandar Urdarevski” local road, which was built in 1960, and is currently a cobble stone road. This local road connects the municipality with the City of Skopje and, via the Mother Theresa highway, with the other municipalities in the country. Its reconstruction will be for the benefit of all 8,500 citizens in the municipality, since the road is the main traffic connection to the capital.

Denar 30.6 million will be used for construction of water treatment plants in the village of Dobri Dol and the village of Negotino, Polog, in the Municipality of Vrapchishte. By implementing these projects, more than 10,000 citizens in the villages of Dobri Dol, Toploca and Negotino, including the only secondary school in the village of Negotino, attended by more than 200 students, will be supplied with clean and quality potable water.

Communal enterprise in the Municipality of Bogovinje will procure machinery with a loan in the amount of Denar 24.68 million. The procured machinery will provide for efficient maintenance of the water supply systems, continuous maintenance of the streets and the roads, including their winter maintenance, timely maintenance of the river beds and the storm water channels, and maintenance of communal hygiene.

Loan with the Municipality of Tetovo, amounting to Denar 60.64 million, will be signed soon, and it will be used to fully finance the project for construction of Blvd. Vidoe Smilevski Bato.

Grant funds in the amount of Denar 4.66 million, extended to the Municipality of Kichevo, will be used for construction of two roundabouts and arrangement of the intersections between Marshal Tito Street and 11 Septemvri Street.

Grant funds in the amount of Denar 3.12 million will be used for reconstruction of a park in the Municipality of Makedonski Brod, next to the bridge on the River Treska.

Municipality of Shuto Orizari is awarded grant funds in the amount of Denar 2.79 million for construction of a playground. Equipping of the playground, covering total area of around 1,500 m2, in the vicinity of the administrative building of the Municipality of Shuto orizari, is envisaged under the project.

Municipality of Delchevo is awarded Denar 1.85 million grant funds for construction of chapel in the city cemetery. Project’s total value is Denar 7.36 million, while the Municipality of Delchevo will co-finance it with Denar 5.51 million.

Grant funds in the amount of Denar 2.23 million are also awarded to the Municipality of Demir Hisar for procurement of a firefighting vehicle. 


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